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just plain aggravated [Nov. 10th, 2006|09:37 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |Drift Off To Dream - Travis Tritt]

I officially hate two-faced fucking people. I've had it. I've absolutely had it. I'm done... just plain done. I just love how someone can act like one thing to your face, and then completely different behind your back. For one, thats just really fuckin low, and for another just plain ridiculous. If you don't like me, get the fuck over it, not creat more drama that never needed to be fucking started to begin with. And don't try to steal my friends away from me, because believe it or not, they can still be my friend and your friend at the same time. Its not impossible as you wish to think. No one is better than you, so stop fucking acting like it. And just because I want to spend time with my friends and boyfriend, doesn't mean you have to get all fucking pissed off about it, I have the right to speak to them to ya know. So jsut effin take a fuckin chill pill you people... Life is too damn short to have to deal with this kind of shit!!! I mean seriously, come one! Grow up and be mature about something for once, it ain't that hard... lots of people do it. I'm sick of people acying so damn immature... mainly freshman, but still, there's a lot of juniors and seniors who are worse... Grow the fuck up. And for all that other stuff up there, everyone pretty much knows who I'm talking about.

On a somewhat happier note... JV did pretty good at their wrestling tournament today... I've been up since 4 though. And its gunna be the same 2mrw 2... Varsity didn't do so good though... I called Casey and asked her about it all. Yeah, we had some drama, but we solved it all out. It was pretty fun. Chris got hurt though... kinda sucks... I feel bad for him... and some guy at the tourney likes me... kinda creepy... LOL

And I"m kidna upset. I'm really hoping that Stevens mom reconsiders the whole thing... I really hope so. But if she doesn't, so be it. Maybe we can still make things work.. it all just depends.. ot'll be really hard, but I"m willing to give it a try.

And then i have a minor problem, okay, sorta major, but yeah. I've pretty much got it under control, yet not... I dunno... its confusing the shit outta me... lol

Well, Jeremy should be on soon, so i'm gunna end this rant/journal. Loves.
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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2006|01:33 am]
[mood |crappycrappy]

OKay, so this is directed at a certain person, and after a little bit, some of you might know who it is, some of you might not, but still, this person will probably tell you theirselves since they seem to be telling everything lately. I am no longer speaking to you at all. You obviously have no desire to my friend or acquaintance. What you did was out of line. No matter what was right or wrong, it was way outta line. It was my problem, and you had no way of knowing anything about it seeing as I never told you anything about it after those few days. You could never know the extent of pain I was put through everyday and still being put through to see him everyday and have him not knowing. ANd not being able to tell him because of the fear he would never speak to me again and having my heart break because of it. You can never understand that pain. You can never understand how hard it is to hold something like that back. Maybe one day, you'll be in a situation like mine, and you'll remember this, and you'll realize what you did wasn't right. But by then it's gunna be too late. You can't go back and change anything. By doing this, you have lost two people that were very close to you and you'll never get one of them back, possibly both. So you may think you did the right thing, but you didn't. And no matter how much you deny it, I know that you just wanted to get more people pissed at me, I'm not that stupid. You saw how close we still were even though we broke up, and you couldn't stand it. So you just had to do something bout it and pull this. If that's not stupid and childish, I don't know what is. But you're plan didn't work. We're still gunna be close. It's gunna take a lot more than that to stop me. Yes, having to do that broke my heart because I cannot hurt people like you can. I'm a better person, not because of you, but because of the things I have learned while knowing you. I have learned to never easily trust some one because with a blink of an eye, they can turn on you. And I have learned who I can truly trust and who I can't. You've told stories about how people have backstabbed you, and how you would never do it. Well guess what, you just did. And you also stabbed them through the heart, and they'll never be the same towards you again. Just live with that everyday, which I'm pretty sure you can since this act of yours was pretty damn heartless.

Sorry some of yall had to read all of that... but my outlook on life has changed now. I can no longer bring myself to trust people very easily after this. I've had to many people do shit to me, like the situation i was tlaking bout up there. But those of you who I've known fer a while, I do trust you. I will not name names, you all know who you are...

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being in love rocks [Aug. 20th, 2006|01:12 am]
Tonight was frickin awesome!!! Me mia and jake went into eagle river way early so i could hang out with stephen before the party for Ash. We were there at the bowling alley for like 2 and half hourse before everyone else got there. It was fun though. We played in the arcade room thingy for a while. Then MC, Ash and Adam got there. Totally didn't recognize Adam at all. Attacked Ash, and MC. Tooke pictures. Lots of fun. lol. Then we bowled. Wow. I found out that I've gotten way worse at bowling than I already was! LOL. But it was still fun. I got home at like 10:30. It rocked. Then I got on here and talked to stephen but then he had to go, was suppose to be back, but i'm starting to doubt this... *sighs*. Oh wells, I love him anyway. He rocks my socks very very much!!! I miss him already... *tear*

My parents are kinda stranded at the cabin though. It took them about 14 hours to get to the cabin when it usually only takes about 5. All this rain has made all the creeks flood. The Little Su runs behind my house and it's flooding and then Willow Creek is folding... it's pretty bad. But they were planning to come out on Monday, but that ain't happening. It just ain't. lol.

School starts in 3 days. Great. Oh well...

I'm gunna go, I'm getting tired... Loves all yall!
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dying but happy! [Aug. 1st, 2006|05:52 pm]
I got a letter from Todd yesterday and it made me happy! But other stuff happened this weekend and I'm all confused now. But oh well, I've figred it out for the most part.

Football started today, and now I'm dying. We had to carry crap from room to room, from connez to middle of field and back and then from field to school... ahh, it destroyed us. Then we had to take pictures and after all the team pics, we made a huge W in the middle of the field, but a lot of the players couldn't get into a straight line... figures. But like the entire time we were wating i was beggin Mack for a ride! And it worked! but the seat belt wasn't fastened all the way and it jerked back and scared me and he laughed his butt off and then when we got to my mom's work, i basically fell outta the car and he was laughin really hard at me... geez, what are friends for! lol.

But I'm tired, and I'm waiting for an email.., lol. And my food will be done in like another hour and I'm starving to death, and dying of thirst... lol. It flippin was cold outside today for a while while it was raining on us... kidna sucked.

Loves all yall.
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2006|02:03 pm]
bored outta my mind. Football starts 2mrw... great. MC comes home in 5 days... it's sow awesome. Then TJ comes home 33 or 34 days after her. I miss him. But it'll be here quicker than I'll know it, and I'll be doin my happy dance. I swear, on Sept. 1, I'm not gunna be able to sit still in school all day... everyone is gunna laugh at me! hehe. We have been canning fish since yesterdaya nd this house stinks!!! Gah, another reason fer me to hate fish.... so I shall go shoot them... bastards.

Ryan and Mojo are laying on the couch... it's so cute. LOL. Ryan came home at like 11:30 cuz he's sick... I might have to drive to town to get him some orange juice... lol. He asked me if I wuold drive his truck and get him some... that's gunna be interesting if I do... LOL. But I'm a good driver... he would be proud.

I have absolutley nothing to do. I need to go into town, but I don't necessarily want to. So I think I'll just make my mom do my errand 2mrw while I'm at football. Muwhahaha.

And ya know what really makes me angry?!!? I got burnt at Mia's cabin cuz the sun actually decided to grace us with its presence... but ever since then, it hasn't been out... pisses me off. It got all cloudy again. Bastard.

Okies... I shall go find a computer game to play, or just go and lay on my bed... lol. Who knows... I'll find something to do... hopefully. Loves yall...
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2006|09:24 pm]
[music |mojo snoring]

Wells, this weekend was fun. I spent the night at Mia's friday, and we stayed up till 8 in the morning playing Skip-Bo. Then we got up at 11:30 and found out that we could go to the cabin. So we all got all our stuff together, played another game,a dn then stopped by my house and then went up there. It was awesome.

Then today, me and her paddled the floating dock out towards the middle of the lake and started to play SKip-Bo and Charissa joined us and then we got onto the float thingy Mia had bought earlier this year. That thing is awesome. We finally gve up and decided to get wet with the cold water. After a while it wasn't so cold anymore. But I had to pee, and lunch was ready so we paddled back in.

But the sun had went away behind some gray clouds while we were out there, so I didn't think I was too burnt. I knew I was somewhat because I could feel it on my face and my arms were darker since they don't burn anymore, so I knew I was burnt. But I got home and went to take a shower, and my back is so frickin burnt... it's pretty sweet. Except fer the fact that it hurts and I have to have my brother put Aloe Vera on it fer me since I can't reach. lol.

But I'm not gunna go into great detail... I'm tired and bored and I'm suppose to give Mojo a bath, but I don't think I'm going to. Not sure yet though.

Thanks fer making that banner MC, I like it!! I got a letter from him on Friday... he's doing pretty good. His physical training part is over so now it's just classes and marching.

Loves all... i'm leaving now... find something to do... I think I'll go make cards on my other computer... ha. Later
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sploosh [Jul. 20th, 2006|05:03 pm]
I NEED THE SUN!!!! I'm gettin angry that it has been cloudy and raining for like the past week.... I want the sun to come back! I miss it!!! yeah, I'm a fruitcake. DUDE, I'm having pork chops for dinner!! YUSHHH. No one cooks better pork chops than me mom. She rocks.

Yesterday morning, I went to brush my teeth and noticed I had this scratch on my chin... it had obviously bled, but I didn't remember how it got there. I'm guessing it was either Mojo or Brogan. But it looks kinda cool. Hehe.

Well, my parents anniversary is on Monday, and I'm in the middle of it... I know what each person is getting and it's great! My mom already knows what she's getting because me and her were conniving and found out. Muwhahaha. Then, Jim has no clue what he's getting and I find it funny. He wanted to search my room yesterday since we always hide his presents in my room for his birthday and Christmas...

Today was boring.

All I'm writing for now. My fruitcake brother is home. Hahaha, time to get violent with each other. Muwhahaha.

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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2006|10:51 pm]
My day has over all sucked ass. I gave Brogan and Shelby baths today right, well, them 2 and Mojo were being little hellions so I took them outside to run and let loose. Well, Shelby runs off down the hill and gets into the fish eggs that my stepdad threw over the hill, so I had to put her back into the pen. Then, later on, I'm trying really hard to make sure Mojo and Brogan don't go over the hill. Well, Mojo pissed on the floor so they put him outside. I was on the phone with MC, and I had been telling mom and Jim to watch the dogs to make sure they didn't go over the hill so they could stay in the house, plus I had bathed them 3 times in the past week cuz of it. Well, they leave him out there, and guess what happens. He gets into the fish. What a shocker. Jim was just like "I already chased him away from there once." IDIOT. If he's going over there, bring him in you dumbass. I'm really gettin sick of it. SO I was reallllllly pissed off. Then I had to feed them. Then Brogan got let out, and somehow he got into some fish somewhere else, so he smelled like fish, so that got me even more pissed off. But luckily it was only his head, so we just washed it with a rag. I swear, I could have punched Jim so many times tonight... he's wearing on my last nerve. Then earlier in teh day I had to deal with some one's bullshit, and that got me reallllllly effin angry. But after my talk with MC, I was feeling better, but then all the dog shit happened. But my brother said he would give them baths this weekend, which rocks.

Haha, MC, it got worse. He asked me what I thought I should wash his new shirt in, warm or cold. lol, go ahead, laugh it allllll up. He's a frickin wierdo. Then, later, he was like "Kaitlyn, one day, I want you to teach me all your kung-fu knowledge." It came outta nowhere, it was hilarious... then he was head-butting me... not sure why... lol.

Well, it's 11:00, and Ryan is gunna call me in the morning to tell me whether or not he's gunna make lunch or not, and Jenny is going to call me too, so I have to be up kinda early...


great, now gunshots are going off around my house... what a comforting thought...
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gah.... [Jul. 18th, 2006|02:01 pm]
[music |Enter Sandman - Metallica]

I'm not going to come on here and rant about some one in a very mean and hurtful way, but I will let it be known that I'm very pissed off right now. I just want to sceram and start throwing everything in my reach as hard as I can. But I can't do that since my neighbors would probably call the cops after hearing a scream, and I would have to clean up the mess if I threw things. It just makes me wonder sometimes... Gah, I need to just let it go. But I'm not going to. Never. I've had enough andn I'm not gunna sit by idly while it all just keeps on happening. Or then I really will start throwing things, and more than likely it'll injure some one. I'm just so flippin pissed right now. And only one person besides myself wil now why, but she's not home right now, but her Aunt said she would tell her I called.

Anywho, I'm gunna try to calm down now...

This morning, I decided to give Brogan a bath and bring him in since he was all lonely out there in the pen. Well, then I got the bright idea to put Tess and Mia back in the big pen, but I couldn't put Shelby in there since the little hoebag is jumping the fence, so I gave her a bath too. Now I'm wondering what the hell I was thinking... It's gettin interesting in this house... lol. And then I had to go find a trash can and go clean out the little pen since they shit so much it's not normal. But I improvised and raked it all up and burned it. Muwhahaha, go me.

Last night, I helped my mom finished weeding the garden with allt he damn skeeters biting me... faggits. But at least our garden is weeded now.

I'm so effin bored. And I need to talk to MC. lol. And my dogs are all climbing on me cuz I have popcorn... wierdos. And now I have to go do chores... gayness.

Loves all yall.
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goodness gracious [Jul. 17th, 2006|11:26 am]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Savin' Me - Nickelback]

Holy sheep shit Batman it's been a while since I've been on here.... My apologies to all yall. But I guess it's time to write up how my summer has been and get back to writing on here. Well, my summer has been more bad than good. LOL. The first day, I was in a car wreck with some friends. But the second day made it all better because I got the guy who I had been wanting for some time. LOL. But he's down in Missouri right now and won't be back until September. And then MC, my best friend, went to Wisconsin and that made me uber sad. But she comes home in 13 days so I'm happy. Other than that, my summer has been pretty damn boring. Until lately. It's gotten interesting and very drama-filled lately. But it will all get better in time hopefully. First, we had yet another divorce threat here at home, but I learned who my true friends were by that happening. And thanks to you MC and MC's mom for being there for me in spirit... and thanks to Ash and her mom by offering me a place to stay. And thanks are definteley in order to Kari, who listened to me rant and tave and cry and threaten on the phone for like an hour. What are friends for, right! lol. I love them to pieces and I don't know what I would have done without them. Oh, and MC and Ash, thanks very much for being here for me through this whole ridiculous shit that's going on right now.

Hmm other news... oh yeah, we might end up selling Brogan... my mom hasn't made up her mind yet, but I don't want her too. He's my big baby and then Mojo's my little baby and Tess is my old baby. So if I can help it, we're keeping him. lol. I gave Mojo a bath yesterday so he could be inside since he is so spoiled, and I let him outside to pee, and I went to my bedroom for like 10 minutes, andmy mom comes downstairs and asks me where he is, and I told her outside pottying. Well, I went to go and get him and he's nowhere to be found. But after bout 20 minutes, Ryan comes home and Mojo is by the door so I let him in. And then like 5 minutes later, my mom wants him back outside because he reeks of fish. Now, earlier in the week when Shelby figuredout she could jump the fence, she found the fish, so I knew where it was... but I was pretty ticked that I gave that dog a bath for nothing. Oh well. He'll get another one either today or tomorrow.

This is starting to get pretty damn long. lol. It's finally sunny again!!! *does happy dance* But there's still clouds out... but they definitely ain't rain clouds!! YUSH!!! I'm sad that I'm gunna miss JR's soccer game today, but it's in Chugiak and I don't have a ride. SO I'm probably just going to go to his game later this week.

Well gang, thats bout it... I'm gunna make sure to right on here a lot now... like I used to! lol. Loves all yall!
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